“Sensuality is what awakens the senses. Being fully present in your body allows you to experience those senses, it’s all about you – no one else… It may be the feeling of immersing yourself in a bubble bath,  the touch of a soft sea breeze on your hair, the comfort of your child’s heartbeat, smelling your lovers neck and experiencing his perfume on his skin, or a a beautiful fabric that feels delicious… When you allow yourself to feel, you shine at your greatest potential. There is nothing more powerful in a woman’s life than to shine…’ ” Adriana Iglesias


The perks of life and an ´endless summer´ dream…
Anything is casual, and when former engineer Adriana Iglesias moved from Madrid to Valencia, she didn´t know that being so close to her beloved “mare nostrum” was going to inspire her so profoundly that she created a brand and found a dreamy palace to settle down and feel at home.

Adriana Iglesias Valencian Headquarter, holds now an atelier with a team making it true. Her vision of ´a mediterranean endless summer filled a gap for many different women and spot sales around the world, inspiring and encouraging her, day by day.

  • Inspired by the iconic seaside and effortless style of the 70s as well as by the colors, textures and light from her  Mediterranean personality, Adriana Iglesias collection is feminine, relaxed and chic, resembling the timeless style of a summer in Italy and theCòte d´Ázur. From the Amalfi Coast to breathtaking Venetian Canals to St. Tropez orCap d´Ántibes

  • A colorful collection that evokes a fresh, lighthearted atmosphere and the sense of  “joie de vivre” of this Mediterranean coastline and lush vegetation.


  • For thousands of years, silk has been the most mysterious and pleasing material, a magnet for a sensual shine. Silk is smooth to the touch, naturally lustrous and bright. It drapes well, feels wonderful on the skin and highlights the beauty of women. 

    It makes women embody femininity in all its magnificence and is absolutely mesmerizing to those around them. We possess a certain sparkle that radiates from the inside out.

  • Delight your senses and get in tune with your pleasures.


    It is in your fundamental nature to shine! Feminine energy is receptive and connecting with it allows you to receive pleasure in all its forms.

    Remember, enjoying your sensual side as a woman requires embracing your fundamental feminine nature.