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This collection has taken us to Los Angeles. A place that I love and I need in my life. Isnpired  by the 70s, the Mediterranean and the Photo ¨Once Upon a Time´  by Slim Aarons. His pictures have an intimate glimpse into the very private lives of people, and with this one,  a story comes to my mind: 

´While the music plays the emotive song ¨Perduto´ (Ornella Vanoni)  a meditearraean,  elegant, strong and femenine woman who travels overseass to forget a love is looking out to the sea, the simple  pleasure of being at the water’s edge and gazing out to sea another  sea, another one  very far from the Mediterranean, but same deep blue and thinking about a distance she needed … LA  and its amazing light, gives her the Energy to overcome a heartbreak. LA gives her  those pure emotions to be more alive than ever, softly sunkissed and feeling the breeze moving the silk robes and combing her hair… Here in this house in Malibu she started again…´