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This collection has taken us to Los Angeles. A place that I love and I need in my life. Inspired  by the 70s and Slim Aarons’ shot Once Upon a Time. His pictures have an intimate glimpse into the very private lives of people, and with this one,  a story comes to my mind: 

´While the music plays the emotive song Perduto (Ornella Vanoni) a mediterranean, elegant, strong and femenine woman who travels overseas to get over a broken heart is looking out to the horizon, the simple  pleasure of being near water and gazing out to another , another one very far from the Mediterranean, but with the same deep blue, thinking about this distance  which she profoundly needed … LA  and its amazing light, gives her the energy to overcome a heartbreak. LA gives her all those pure emotions to feel more alive than ever, softly sunkissed and with a soft breeze on her silk robe and long hair…Here in Malibu she started again…´