This new line will be a journey along the exciting Silk Roads…

We start from Valencia, on the shores of the Mediterranean, where the brand was born, in one of the oldest cities in Spain.

The history of the Valencian Silk Road begins in the fourteenth century.

The Silk Road was important not only because of the trade, but also because of the constant exchange that took place during the trips. An exchange of other products that arrived to Valencia, such as porcelain or tea, and an exchange of the knowledge and ideas brought by scientists, priests, adventurers, and intellectuals.

We invite you to let yourself be immersed in the richness of the fabrics, the vivid colors and in this fascinating story… one of the good ones, one of ancient traditions and long journeys, from lontain Asian markets to tiny mediterranean islands. We invite you to become part of the story…

We bring the silk from Italy to an old palace by the sea, in Valencia, where the pieces are designed and hadcrafted with care and love for you. In Silk Roads by ADRIANA IGLESIAS we will create capsule collections in limited editions, seeking inspiration in different amazing places that have been part of the exciting Silk Roads…



In this ocasion we travel to Milos. The island of colors and lovers… the discovery site of the famous Venus de Milo, the ancient Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty.

The missing arms of Venus de Milo have been so much more than the source of numerous art historian lectures, debates, and essays.

Perfect but imperfect, beautiful but broken… for much of the world, the mystery of the Venus de Milo lies in her missing arms, for us it just represents Women.

Let´s be seduced by the colors of this wonderful island on the Aegean Sea…


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